NCAAF National Championship Winners

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NCAAF College Football National Champions

Sportswriters began ranking college football teams in 1936, and coaches were also polled from 1950 onwards. The United Press and (AP) Associated Press have been polling teams since then, with both major polls releasing rankings that remain the major rankings of the NCAAF to this day.

Unlike its predecessors, which used a mathematical formula based on coach and media rankings, the CFP (College Football Playoff) uses a 13-man committee which selects and seeds the teams; it is the first time the NCAAF championship was determined by a bracket competition. This replaced the BCF (Bowl Championship Series), which ran from 1998-2013 and featured the top two teams a chance to compete in the National Championship game.

NCAAF National Champions Winners List | Championship Game MVP Winners

Below is a list of NCAAF National Championship Winners since 1985, including MVP winners.

Year Era #1 Team Runners-Up Score Championship Game MVP(s)
2016 CFP Clemson Alabama 35-31 Deshaun Watsonm (QB), Ben Boulware (LB)
2015 CFP Alabama Clemson 45-40 O.J. Howard (TE)
2014 CFP Ohio State Oregon 42-20 Ezekiel Elliott (QB)
2013 BCS Florida State Auburn 34-31 Jameis Winston (QB), P.J. Williams (DB)
2012 BCS Alabama Notre Dame 42-14 Eddie Lacy (RB), C.J. Mosley (LB)
2011 BCS Alabama LSU 21-0 A.J. McCarron (QB), Courtney Upshaw (LB)
2010 BCS Auburn Oregon 22-19 Michael Dyer (RB)
2009 BCS Alabama Texas 37-21 Mark Ingram (RB)
2008 BCS Florida Oklahoma 24-14 Tim Tebow (QB)
2007 BCS LSU Ohio State 38-24 Matt Flynn (QB)
2006 BCS Florida Ohio State 41-14 Chris Leak (QB)
2005 BCS Texas USC 41-38 Vince Young (QB)
2004 BCS USC Oklahoma 55-19 Matt Leinart (QB)
2003 BCS USC Oklahoma 21-14 Justin Vincent (RB)
2002 BCS Ohio State Miami (FL) 31-24 Craig Krenzel (QB)
2001 BCS Miami (Fla.) Nebraska 37-14 Ken Dorsey (QB) and Andre Johnson (WR)
2000 BCS Oklahoma Florida State 13-2 Torrance Marshall (LB)
1999 BCS Florida State Virginia Tech 46-29 Peter Warrick (WR)
1998 BCS Tennessee Florida State 23-16
Peerless Price (WR) and Dwayne Goodrich (CB)
1997 AP Poll Michigan Washington State 21-16
1996 AP Poll Florida Florida State 52-20
1995 AP Poll Nebraska Florida 62-24
1994 AP Poll Nebraska Miami (FL) 24-17
1993 AP Poll Florida State Nebraska 18-16
1992 AP Poll Alabama Miami (FL) 34-13
1991 AP Poll Miami (FL) Nebraska 22-0
1990 AP Poll Colorado Notre Dame 10-9
1989 AP Poll Miami (Fla.) Alabama 33-25
1988 AP Poll Notre Dame West Virginia 34-21
1987 AP Poll Miami (Fla.) Oklahoma 20-14
1986 AP Poll Penn State Miami (FL) 14-10
1985 AP Poll Oklahoma Penn State 25-10
1984 AP Poll
Brigham Young
1983 AP Poll Miami (Fla.)
1982 AP Poll Penn State
1981 AP Poll Clemson
1980 AP Poll Georgia
1979 AP Poll Alabama
1978 AP Poll Alabama
1977 AP Poll Notre Dame
1976 AP Poll Pittsburgh
1975 AP Poll Oklahoma
1974 AP Poll Oklahoma
1973 AP Poll Notre Dame
1972 AP Poll USC
1971 AP Poll Nebraska
1970 AP Poll
Texas and Nebraska
1969 AP Poll Texas
1968 AP Poll Ohio State
1967 AP Poll USC
1966 AP Poll Notre Dame
1965 AP Poll
Alabama and Michigan State
1964 AP Poll Alabama
1963 AP Poll Texas
1962 AP Poll USC
1961 AP Poll Alabama
1960 AP Poll Minnesota
1959 AP Poll Syracuse
1958 AP Poll
Louisiana State
1957 AP Poll
Auburn and Ohio State
1956 AP Poll Oklahoma
1955 AP Poll Oklahoma
1954 AP Poll
Ohio State and UCLA
1953 AP Poll Maryland
1952 AP Poll
Michigan State
1951 AP Poll Tennessee
1950 AP Poll Oklahoma
1949 AP Poll Notre Dame
1948 AP Poll Michigan
1947 AP Poll Notre Dame
1946 AP Poll Notre Dame
1945 AP Poll Army
1944 AP Poll Army
1943 AP Poll Notre Dame
1942 AP Poll Ohio State
1941 AP Poll Minnesota
1940 AP Poll Minnesota
1939 AP Poll Texas A & M
1938 AP Poll
Texas Christian
1937 AP Poll Pittsburgh
1936 AP Poll Minnesota