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William Hill Price Pump

William Hill’s Price Pump boosts the odds on Fixed-Odds Win Bets for thoroughbred, greyhound and harness racing.

A single ‘Price Pump’ is available each day, so pick your bet of the day wisely.

Check out how to use William Hill Price Pump to boost the odds on your racing below.

Available only on iPhone and Android apps via William Hill.

How to use William Hill Price Pump

Below is a short video explaining how to use the William Hill Price Pump feature.

With the all new Price Pump and William Hill, you can now pump up the Fixed-Odds price of a runner, and get enhanced odds each and every daya of the week and across any of the three racing codes!

Price Pump is fast and easy to use!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tap on a race and look for the Price Pump Icon, if it is shown, it means that you have your daily Price Pump available.
  2. Select your runner in the Fixed-Odds column and you’ll be offered a Price Pump, which will display a higher Fixed-Odds value
  3. Hit the button and just like that, you’ll have a pumped up price for your runner!
  4. Add your Stake.
  5. Hit Confirm Bet, and your Price Pump is on.

It’s that easy!

If you’re finding it tough to narrow down your selection to one runner, go ahead and add two or more selections to your Betslip.

You can then run your eye over the Price Pump odds for each runner that you have selected before making your final decision.

Please note that Price Pump is available for Each-Way bets, however the Price Pump will only be available on the win, and not the place portion of your bet.

Once you’re done pumping up your bet, check the Pending bets section and you’ll see your Price Pump selection clearly noted.

So go ahead and try Price Pump, it’s just another way that William Hill is giving its customers more value each and every day.

William Hill Price Pump FAQs

What is William Hill Price Pump?

The William Hill ‘Price Pump’ allows you to boost the odds of a Fixed-Priced single racing bet or the win portion of an Each-Way bet.

For what markets is the Price Pump available?

Price Pump is available for Fixed-Priced racing win bets. You will see the Price Pump icon on eligible races once logged into your account.

How do I use William Hill Price Pump?

Simply click the Price Pump icon in the betslip, or on the Quickbet pop-up, and watch your odds boost.

How many Price Pumps will I receive each day?

All customers will be given at least one Price Pump per day for use on a Fixed-Priced racing win bet on any race of your choosing.

When does my daily Price Pump renew?

After 12am AEST each night.

Can I accumulate my Price Pumps?

No, your Price Pumps will expire at the end of each day.

Can I Price Pump more than one runner in a single race?

You can only use a single Price Pump per race.

Can I use Bonus Bets with Price Pump?

No. You cannot use Bonus Bets with William Hill Price Pump.

Can I use the Cash-Out feature with a Price Pump?

No. The Cash Out feature is not available for bets placed with a Price Pump.

Is Price Pump available from the QuickBet feature?

Yes, Price Pump is available from the QuickBet pop-up when placing a Fixed-Priced racing win bet.

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