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William Hill Planet Lottery

William Hill Planet Lottery

William Hill Planet Lottery has been developed by William Hill alongside Lottoland, following the agreement of a partnership deal between the two. William Hill members will be able to bet on the results of lottery draws all over the world via their mobile or tablet, with all bets being guaranteed by Lottoland.

William Hill Planet Lottery is offered to Australian members of William Hill with the exclusion of South Australia.

A member picks the lottery numbers as they would if they were buying a normal lottery ticket online. The payouts work out the same, however instead of entering the lottery draw itself, you are actually placing a bet on the outcome of the draws.

William Hill Planet Lottery Explained

William Hill’s Planet Lottery is an integrated section within the William Hill website where members can place bets on lotteries from around the world.

Some of the bigger lotteries available include big fish such as the US Powerball and US MegaMillions, with insane jackpots that can go above and beyond the $1 billion mark. European lotteris such as the Euromillions are also included, which can exceed $100 million.

Local Australian lotteries are also offered, including Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Tuesday Lotto (OZ Lotto), Thursday Lotto (Powerball) and Saturday Lotto.

What makes the William Hill Planet Lottery different is that it does not operate like a a lottery agency,  instead runs like a bookmaker, taking bets from members regarding the outcomes of the lotteries.

Should you hit on a winning ticket, William Hill’s Partner Lottoland is the entity that pays you out.

William Hill Planet Lottery does not have an affiliation with any of the lotteries listed on its website. This means that you are not contributing to beneficial public fund raising programs as you would normally when purchasing a normal lottery ticket.

The upside of this is that you are able to take place in overseas lotteries that you would normally be unable to access. Another benefit is that for Australian lotteries the service than buying a ticket at the local milkbar. At the time of setting up this post, a 12 OZ Lotto entry cost $14.40 using Planet Lottery compared to $17.40 at Oz Lotteries.

Planet Lottery FAQs

Below are some of the more common questions regarding William Hill Planet Lottery.

What is William Hill Planet Lottery?

William Hill Planet Lottery is a product offered to members of William Hill Australia, where you can bet on the outcome of real lotteries all over the world. You simply choose your numbers the same way as if you were buying a ticket for an official lottery draw, however instead of entering the draw, you are placing a bet on the outcome of the draw.

Does William Hill buy tickets for the official Lottery draws on my behalf?

No. When you place bets on Planet Lottery on the William Hill website, you are placing a bet on the outcome of the lottery draw so we do not buy tickets on your behalf. William Hill Australia is the acting agent and passes on your lottery bet to Lottoland Australia.

Who is eligible to bet on William Hill Planet Lottery?

As long as you have a valid account with William Hill Australia and live in Australia (excl. South Australia) you are able to bet on Planet Lottery games.

How do I play William Hill Planet Lottery?

You are able to choose from the lotteries in the main menu and pick your numbers by clicking the numbers inside the grid/games. You can then click the green “Place Bet” button to complete the bet.

Can I select my own numbers?

You can select your own numbers for any lottery or have them randomly selected for you.

How much does it cost to bet on the lotteries?

The cost of a Planet Lottery bet will depend on the lottery selected, the amount of the jackpot and the bet type that you are placing. Usually the higher the jackpot the higher the cost of the bet.

Do I earn William Hill Rewards Points for lottery bets?

No. At this point you cannot earn William Hill Rewards Points for bets placed on Planet Lottery.

Can I use William Hill Rewards Points or Bonus Bets to place lottery bets?

No. At this point you cannot use William Hill Rewards Points or Bonus Bets to place bets on Planet Lottery.

How do I receive my Planet Lottery winnings?

Any winnings will be added to your William Hill betting account once a bet has been settled. The time-frame of this will depend on the amount you’ve won –

  • Winnings up to $100,000 will be credited in accordance with William Hill Australia’s Betting Rules.
  • For any winnings above $100,000 you will be contacted by our team to confirm when you will receive your winnings.

If I win, can I bet the winnings on Sports and Racing events?

Yes, any winnings from Planet Lottery bets can be used to place further Lottery, Racing or Sports bets with William Hill.

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