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William Hill BuildABet

BuildABet  – You request it. They build it. 

As punters we love a bit of banter, we also enjoy talking about some very random and out-there betting markets that are most likely not available.

The William Hill BuildABet product lets you use your imagination to build, create and bet on your very own markets for sports including – NRL, AFL, NFL, NBA, Soccer ,Tennis, Rugby Union, Cricket and Golf.

How do you use William Hill BuildABet?

To use BuildABet, simply head to the William Hill BuildABet contact form on either mobile app or desktop and fill out the following sections –

  • Your Name 
  • Your Email (William Hill will use this to contact you once your market has been created)
  • Sport (Includes a drop-down list of the available sports)
  • Bet Request (Select the betting market that you’d like to create) 

Once you have filled out the contact form, sit back, relax, and have a beer while William Hill weaves their magic.

The William Hill traders will price the market up for you and will be in touch once the request is live on the site.

Request odds for any bet with William Hill BuildABet!

William Hill BuildABet FAQs

How can I request a BuildABet market?

There are a a couple of ways that you can access the BuildABet contact form in order to request your unique betting market, including the desktop site, mobile app on iOS and Android, and through the William Hill Blog.

What sports are included in BuildABet?

William Hill currently offer BuildABet markets for the following sports – NRL, AFL, NFL, NBA, Soccer, Tennis, Rugby Union, Cricket and Golf.

Are there any bets that are not permitted through BuildABet?

There are a few bets that are not accepted through William Hill BuildABet, these include –


  • First scoring play
  • 40/20 kicks
  • Over/under metres
  • Over/under tackles
  • Crowd size
  • Player points
  • Player errors
  • Player penalties


  • Crowd size
  • Hit Outs
  • Free kicks
  • Goal/Mark of the year
  • Anything related to players kicking out on the full
  • Anything related to players being put on report

William Hill BuildABet Terms & Conditions

The William Hill Promotion: Can’t find the market you want on your favorite sporting event? Want to build a multi using markets within the same match? Well now it’s possible with William Hill’s BuildABet. Send us your request and we’ll look into pricing up the market for you.

BuildaABet Example: Think Scott Pendlebury will kick the first goal, get 35 touches but that Collingwood will lose its match in this weekend’s round of AFL? Simply describe and send this request to William Hill using BuildABet and we’ll look to set up and price the market for you. If we can do it, we’ll let you know when the market is live on our website and app.

Disclaimer: BuildABet markets may be set up and priced at the sole discretion of William Hill. William Hill is under no obligation to set up a BuildABet market.


  1. BuildABet is available to William Hill clients who reside in Australia and New Zealand using our internet, services and mobile apps (iPhone & Android) only.
  2. Eligible Clients may request a BuildABet market via the William Blog on the website or via the BuildABet function on the William Hill app. To request a BuildABet market, clients must provide details of the following:

(a) their name;

(b) the email address used in connection with their William Hill account;

(c) the sport or event that the BuildABet market is desired to be set up for; and

(d) a brief description of the BuildABet request.

  1. William Hill may acknowledge a request and set up a BuildABet market at its sole discretion. The price (odds) for a BuildABet market will be decided by William Hill and is not subject to negotiation. William Hill is under no obligation to set up a BuildABet market that is requested by an eligible client.
  2. In the event that William Hill accepts a BuildABet request, the market will be priced and set up on the William Hill website and app. The requesting client will be notified by email that their BuildABet request has been set up.
  3. If William Hill decides not to set up a validly requested BuildABet market, it is under no obligation to inform the requesting client.
  4. William Hill reserves the right to change, cancel or suspend a BuildABet market at any time. This includes the ability to limit the amount of any stake which can be placed on the BuildABet market by a client.
  5. Winnings or William Hill Rewards Points earned by a client betting on a BuildABet market will be applied in the same manner as with bets placed on ordinary markets.
  6. William Hill reserves the right to limit the maximum net winnings paid out to a client pursuant to wagers on any BuildABet selection (whether single, multi or a combination) to $25,000. This clause 8 applies to BuildABet wagers regardless of any maximum payout limits prescribed in the William Hill Betting Rules.
  7. Promotions, including use of BuildABet, is only available once per client/residence/IP address/computer/smartphone/tablet/device. William Hill may determine, in its sole discretion, whether bets being placed on BuildABet requests are being made by different accounts which are associated with the same person.
  8. BuildABet cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion from William Hill.
  9. Clients who have been provided with written notification from William Hill that they are not eligible to participate in William Hill promotions, will not be eligible for BuildABet.
  10. Use of BuildABet is intended for recreational gamblers only. Clients using duplicate accounts will not be eligible for BuildABet. William Hill’s decision in this regard will be final and non-negotiable.
  11. William Hill, in its absolute discretion, reserves the right to limit the eligibility of any client to participate in all or any part of BuildABet, including, but not limited to where William Hill considers a client to be abusing BuildABet or other William Hill promotions. William Hill’s decision in this regard will be final and non-negotiable.

William Hill Betting Rules apply.

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