Sportsbet Punters Club

sportsbet punters club

Sportsbet Punters Club

Sportsbet Punters Club allows punters to create a singular betting account for a group of people. Within this Punters Club, you will be able to set your own rules such as weekly deposits and betting rounds.

Funds for your Punters Club will be taken directly from each member’s Sportsbet account and placed into a betting pool which is distributed to each member for their bets. The more you win, the more each member will have to bet each week, and the reverse if you struggle for a win on a regular basis.

We used the Sportsbet Puners Club for a period of around a year and really enjoyed it. Text message reminders were sent to each member each week to prompt each member to deposit the weekly $20.00 (our setting), and it was fun watching the ROI ladder for each member in the club.

Plenty of banter was had.

What is the Sportsbet Punters Club?

To create a Punters Club, you will first need to register with Sportsbet (grab our deposit offer below) through either the desktop of mobile app. When you’ve registered an account, open the ‘Punters Club’ tab and click the green button ‘Create Club’ button.

Once you’ve chosen your new Punters Club name title and picked your personal user nickname, it’s time to set the betting rules for the club.

Within the rules section of your club, you will be able to adjust a number of features, including how much each member is required to deposit/contribute each week, how often the punter’s club bets and what happens with the winnings after each week.

For example, you can select that each club member must put in $50 per round, that each member’s turn changes on a weekly basis and that all Punters Club winnings are set aside.

Before any of this though, the most important thing is sending out the invites to your mates (who will also need to register with Sportsbet). You can send out invites via email or SMS – just punch in your each person’s address or mobile number and hit send. Each person will receive a message with a unique code for your club. They will then have to do log into their Sportsbet account, head to the ‘Punters Club’ section and enter the unique join code that comes with the message.

How to bet in Sportsbet Punters Club

The creator of the Punters Club group is the first to punt, no pressure. To place a bet, head to the Punters Club dashboard and click the ‘Bet Now’ button.

From here, it’s the same process of making a bet via desktop or mobile.

Browse through sports and racing betting markets and enter your selections. When you have filled your bet slip with your chosen bets and set your stake, select the ‘Punters Club’ option in the Betslip toggle box which asks ‘Which account are you betting from?’. Once you have selected ‘Punters Club’, confirm your bet, and it will appear in the Punters Club.

How will you knowwhen to bet next? Sportsbet Punters Club sends SMS reminders to whichever member is next to bet. Make sure you have enough funds in your personal Sportsbet account to cover your contribution when you time arrives.

You will generally have a 24hr warning, so study up and don’t make a fool of yourself.

Punters Club Features

The results are there for all to see, and are very easy to track. You will be able to see the bets that members have pending, won and lost on the activity wall.

This includes –

Club Ladder and Rankings – There is no hiding your betting performance among your mates in the Punters Club. Each member of the club is ranked on the ladder which indicates each members ROI for the stakes.

The Activity Wall – Your Punter’s Club betting activity is recorded and posted here so that all members know what’s happening and the bets that each member has placed, including pending, won and lost. Here you will also be able to post comments and call out any punter who placing awful bets.

Why use Sportsbet for your Punters Club?

Put down the pen and pad, because Sportsbet has made pulling a few mates together for some degenerate betting even easier!

Here are some of the big advantages of creataing your Sportsbet Punters Club –

  • Everything is managed online and is able to be accessed anywhere at any time, via both desktop and the Sportsbet app.
  • Special features such as the Activity and Club pages allow for complete tracking of bets, results and member’s betting performance.
  • Automated rosters and SMS reminders mean no need to get on the blower at 3am to remind your mates it’s their turn.

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