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Sportsbet Power Play

Sportsbet Power Play let’s you boost your odds on racing and selected sports markets.

One Power Play is available to use each day on Fixed- Odds racing bets including thoroughbred, greyhound and harness. Single Fixed-Odds Win Bets only.

Sportsbet Power Play was first introduced through the Sportsbet app, but has now been integrated into the Sportsbet desktop site.

How to use Sportsbet Power Play

Once you have added your bet to the betslip, you will be able to boost the odds of the stake by clicking the Power Play button.

Your odds will increase dependent on the starting odds of your bet. Generally the lower the odds the less your odds will be boosted. For example if you were to boost odds of $1.30, those odds may increase to around $1.35-$1.45.

If you were to boost odds on much longer Fixed-Odds, those odds will increase by much more. For example if you were to boost odds of $$25.00, those odds may increase to around $32.00 – $45.00.

In the below example, we were able to boost our Fixed-Odds from $8.50 to $10.00, which is quite impressive, but not mind-blowing.

Step 1: Add your selected bets to the Betslip

Add your selected Fixed-Odds racing bet to your betslip.

Step 2: Click The Power Play button

Beneath the current odds you will see the ‘Power Play’ button. When a Power Play button is visible this means that you have an unused Power Play available to be used.

Step 3: Watch the odds power up!

Click the Power Play Button Image and you will see the odds for your thoroughbred, greyhound or  harness bet increase in front of your eyesImage. You are able to go back and forth between the boosted and un-boosted odds by selecting and de-selecting the Power Play option. Should you decide that you do not want to boost the odds, deselect the Power Play and save it for later.

Step 4: Place your bet

If the Power Play is to your liking, add your stake and confirm your bet.

Sportsbet Power Play FAQ’s

Below are some common questions about Sportsbet Power Play answered.

Why can’t I see the Power Play option?

  • You will only see the Power Play button in your Bet Slip if you have one available, and with the correct Fixed-Odds racing or sports market.
  • Currently Power Play is only available for single Fixed-Odds Win Bets on racing and selected sports markets.
  • You can only use one Power Play per event.

Can I boost odds on a Bonus Bet with Power Play?

No. Bonus Bets are not available for an odds boost with Power Play.

Can I use Power Play in a Multi Bet?

Power Play is currently not available for use in a Multi. If you add your Powered up odds selection to your Multi, you will get the original Odds for that bet.

Can I Cash Out my Power Play Bet?

You are able to Cash Out any AFL bet if Cash Out is offered for that particular bet. Cash Out is not available for any racing bets.

Yes. Cashing Out your Power Played Bet is available via Pending Bet History.

Is Power Play available in Punters club?

Yes, your Punters Club have their own daily Power Play. If you use a Power Play in Punters Club it does not affect your individual Power Play in your own account.

What happens to my Power Play if my selection is Scratched or Voided?

This counts as your Power Play being used, sorry those are the breaks.

Is my Power Play eligible to be used on betting promotions?

Yes, your Power Play can be used on Money Back Special Promotions.

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