Neds Jump Off – What Is Neds Jump Off?

Neds Jump Off – Cancel Your Bet In The Run!

What is the Neds Jump Off Product? 

The Neds Jump Off product gives you the opportunity to cancel a racing bet within a designated time.

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When the race starts, a countdown timer will appear on the screen. Once the Jump Off timer ends, you will no longer have the option to Jump off your bet.

Available on selected Australian and New Zealand races where the Jump Off symbol is visible.

Neds Jump Off is available only for Win-only bets, and you will receive one Jump Off per day up to a maximum bet of $500.

You may Jump Off a bet which has been boosted by Price Boost, however you will not receive another Price Boost in return.

The Neds Jump Off product is not available to be used with Bonus Bets.

In this example below we have 1 Neds Jumpoff available for the day, all accessible in your Neds Toolbox in the top navigation menu.


How to Use Neds Jump Off

How Jump Off works: 

1) Navigate To Race Field and Expand ‘My Bets This Race’ – If you’ve placed a bet on an eligible race, the ‘Jump Off’ Icon will appear above the main field in the ‘My Bets This Race’ module. Click ‘My Bets This Race’ to view the bets you can Jump Off.

2) Once Your Race Begins, The Jump Off Timer Starts – As soon as your chosen race has started, the timer will begin and the ‘Jump Off’ button will appear below each eligible bet that you have placed.

3) It’s Time To Jump Off – Click the Jump Off button designated to the eligible bet of your choice. Select ‘Confirm’ and you have successfully Jumped Off.

4) You Jumped Off, Bet Stake Returned – You have jumped off your bet and your full stake will be returned as soon as the race result is settled.


Screenshots to explain the Neds Jump Off –

How do I Jump Off?

1. The Neds Jump Off feature will appear above the race field on your selected race.

2. Click the ‘Jump Off’ button to cancel your bet in the run:

 3.  Click ‘Confirm’ to Jump Off your bet:

You will then be given confirmation that your Neds bet has ‘Jumped Off’.

When will my stake be returned?

As soon as the race is officially settled, your full stake will be returned to your Neds betting account.

What is the Neds Jump Off promotion?

With Neds Jumpoff you can cancel your horse racing bet after the jump within a designated time frame after the race has commenced. Maximum stake refund $500. 

  • Cancel your horse racing bet in the run for Fixed Odds Win-only betting.
  • When the race commences, a countdown timer will appear, you must cancel your bet within the designated time frame. Once the timer runs out you will no longer have the option to jump off.
  • Available on selected Australian and NZ horse racing where the Neds  ‘Jump Off’ icon is visible.
  • For Mobile Web (or app) betting only.
  • Maximum stake refund $500
  • Full Jump Off terms and conditions apply.