Neds Backup – Stake Return If Your Backup Wins!

Neds Backup – Stake Back If Your Backup Wins!

Give yourself a second chance with Neds Back Up!

The product that returns your stake if your Backup wins and your original bet finishes second.

This is a new product from Neds that gives the punter a second chance in a single race.


How to use the Neds Backup product?

To place a bet using your Backup, all you need to do is – 

View how many Backups you have in your Neds betting Toolbox –

neds backup

In this example we have 2 Neds Backups for racing left for the day.

Then –

Select the race meeting that you want to use your Neds Backup for, and select your horse, from here you will be given a betslip, where you will be able to select the BACKUP.

You will be given a certain number of Backups to use each day, with extra Backups likely added with promotions.

neds racing backup

Once you have selected BACKUP, you will be able to select which horse you would like to be your ‘backup’ for that race. For the example below, we have selected “So You Wish”.

Once you have selected the backup that you would like (often best to choose the favourite) click SET BACKUP.

neds betting backup

Once you have set your Neds Backup, you will be able to add your stake and it’s time to bet!

neds backup betslip

The Neds Backup product is something that we have not seen before, and offers an interesting shape to the wagering market.

We recommend joining Neds to try the Neds Backup for horse racing!

How Backup works: 

1. Place Your Fix Win Bet With Quick Slip Or Bet Slip – Select the runner that you would like to back and enter your stake into the bet slip, as per usual.

2. Select Your Backup Runner, Choose Wisely – Click the ‘Back Up’ button located towards the top of your bet slip and select the runner that you would like as your Backup.

3. Back Up Selected, Bet Ready To Be Placed With A Second Chance – With your Backup runner selected, it’s now time to confirm your bet. Click the Place Bet button at the bottom of your bet slip.

4. Keep An Eye One Your Backup Bet In Pending Bets And Bet Statement – Your Backup runner will appear in blue below your first selection, in your list of pending bets and your bet statement.