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Ladbrokes Odds Boost 

Every punter likes to add some value to their odds, and so far the Ladbrokes Odds Boost is the best product in market for adding a little kick up the ass to your odds. The great news now is that the Ladbrokes Odds Boost isn’t only for single racing bets, it’s also for sports and best of all, multibets!

Boosting odds on a multibet is a first in market product from Ladbrokes, and probably the most exciting product that we’ve seen from the bookies in the last couple of years at least. Any recreational or serious punter knows the value of an increase in odds, and being able to do that to a multi is bloody brilliant.

One thing to note with Ladbrokes Odds Boost Multi is that although you are able to boost multiple multibets in a day, you will only be able to use the same leg in a multibet once.

Ladbrokes has been around for a while now, and innovation is something that they are known for.

How to use Ladbrokes Odds Boost

Ladbrokes Odds Boost – Racing: Ladbrokes Odds Boosts allow you to boost the odds on any Fixed-Odds runner in a thoroughbred, greyhound or harness race, once per day. The odds are certainly boosted to best in market and generally above the Best TOTE price.

Odds Boosts are not rolled over to the next day if they are not used.

Ladbrokes Odds Boost Multi: Boosting the odds on your multibet is available for all multis that you place, however you will only be able to include each leg in a multi once. Once you have place a bet in a multi and boosted the odds, that single bet will disable the Odds Boost for further multibets.

Step 1: Add your selected bets to the Betslip

Add your bets to your betslip in the same way that you normally would when placing a bet.

Step 2: Click The Odds Boost Button On The Selection You Want To Boost

Beneath the current odds on offer you will see the ‘Odds Boost’ button appear. When the Odds Boost button shows in the Betslip this means that you have an unused Odds Boost that can now be used to boost your odds on this bet.

Step 3: Watch The Odds Increase

Click the Ladbrokes Odds Boost Button and you will see the odds on offer for your chosen thoroughbred, greyhound or  harness bet increase via a counter in front of your very eyes. (The odds increasing is all very dramatic and enticing for a punter). You are able to go back and forth between the boosted and un-boosted odds, and should you decide that you do not want to boost the odds, place your bet and save the Ladbrokes Odds Boost for later in the day.

Step 4: Place Your Boosted Bet

If the Odds Boost is to your satisfaction, then continue on to add you stake and confirm the bet by clicking the Bet Now button.

In the examples show to the the right the odds were boosted from $8.50 to $10.oo for a Fixed-Odds Thoroughbred Racing bet.

Odds Boost Available Daily

Your Ladbrokes Odds Boosts will be topped up at around 12:00am each morning. You can  how many Odds Boost you have remaining each day by opening your Betslip, which will have your Odds Boost counter. Odds Boosts are only available within a 24 hour period and any unused Odds Boosts will not be rolled over to the following day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Odds Boost with a bonus bet?

No. You are unable to use bonus bets or free bets to gain an Odds Boost.

Can I use the same leg in an Odds Boost Multi?

No, you are only able to place a certain leg into a Ladbrokes Odds Boost once. Should you decide to creatae a new multibet with the same leg/s, the Odds Boost funtion will not be available.

Can I cash out a bet placed with an Odds Boost?

You cannot Cash Out any Fixed Odds or Multibet that has been placed with Odds Boost. The Cash Out icon will switch to ‘Not Available’ once an Odds Boost has been used.

When does my Ladbrokes Odds Boost Renew?

Your Ladbrokes Odds Boosts will not be rolled over to the following day should they not be used. Odds Boost quotas are renewed each at around 12am each morning.

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