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Betting on the lottery is a new type of wagering that has been introduced by lottery giant, Lottoland. This new way of betting has piqued the interest of punters and wagering comapnies alike, and now CrownBet has dipped it’s finger into the pie.

CrownBet has branched out on their own with a new lottery betting product branded as CrownLotto. CrownLotto offers punters the chance to bet on international and Australian lottery draws for the chance to win millions.

Jackpots Gauranteed!

CrownLotto’s Jackpots are only shared amongst CrownLotto jackpot winning members, whereas other lottery betting wagering companies will include winners of the underlying lottery when calculating a jackpot payout. This can cost you millions!

What is CrownLotto?

CrownLotto offers Australian residents the opportunity to get involved in international lottery draws and Australian lottery draws from each state. The CrownLotto product is an alternative to Lottoland, which offers entry on draws to major lotteries in Australia, including Powerball and OZ Lotto, and larger international lotteries like the US Powerball and MegaMillions lottery draws.

The difference with CrownLotto is that instead of buying a ticket directly into a lottery draw, punters are betting on the outcome of the lottery itself.

CrownLotto customers follow the same process of buying an online lottery ticket, however CrownBet pays out the prizes for each division instead of the lottery operators themselves.

Unavailable to South Australians

CrownLotto is available in all states and territories except SA. State legislation prevents South Australian residents from betting on lottery outcomes under the SA Lottery and Gaming Act.

How to bet with CrownLotto

To bet on lotteries with CrownLotto you will need to create fan account and become a CrownBet member.

The CrownLotto product can be found under its own tab on the CrownBet site, or via some of the banners which promote the product.

A large range of overseas lotteries are available, including the massive US Powerball jackpots that can climb to over $1 billion.

To play, select your preferred lottery draw from the large range of lotteries available and choose your numbers. CrownLotto provides information on how many numbers you can pick for each draw and if any supplementary numbers need to be chosen.

CrownBet members will be able to buy many tickets for each lottery, and all lottery bets will be stored under the one CrownLotto account for you to view.

CrownLotto How to Bet Video

Below is a short video explaining CrownLotto.

How does CrownLotto payout winnings?

Following the successful current Lottoland model, CrownLotto takes insurance out on each lottery draw to pay out winnings, however CrownLotto states that it offers punters a lower commission rate and as a result, larger payouts.

Winnings are paid out by CrownBet to the winner instead of the official lottery operator.

Each CrownLotto draw contains a clear indication of the maximum a CrownLotto member can win, which is the entire Division One jackpot up to $150m!

All amounts won up to $250,000 are paid out shortly after the official draws have been held. Winning bets that pay over $250,000 are paid into a verified member’s bank accounts within 21 days of the lottery draw.

Frequently Asked Questions

Betting with CrownLotto –

What is Lotto betting?

Lotto betting involves betting on the outcome of a Lottery draw. You select numbers as you would when buying a normal lottery ticket online, except that you are betting on which numbers will be drawn – you don’t get an actual ticket into the lottery itself. If the numbers in your bet match a winning combination in the lottery and produce a winning bet, you will receive winnings based on the prize declared in the actual lottery.

Do I receive an actual ticket?

No, you are betting on the outcome of the lottery, not purchasing a ticket into the draw itself. After placing your lottery bet on CrownLotto you will receive an order confirmation that includes your bet details and a Receipt Number.

How do I know how much I will win on CrownLotto?

Each draw on the CrownLotto displays the maximum amount that can be won, which is the entire Division One jackpot, up to $150m.

Can I select my own numbers?

Yes, you are able to select your own numbers for each draw that you add to your bet. You are also able to place the same numbers each week for a selected number of weeks, saving you time and hassle with your lucky numbers. Simply choose a Bet Frequency of ‘Weekly’ before you add your lottery bet to the cart.

How do CrownLotto Quick Picks work?

CrownLotto Quick Picks are a fast way to choose the numbers for your lottery bet. Simply select the number of Quick Pick lines you would like to bet on, and we will randomly generate your numbers.

What is the closing time for a Lotto betting market?

CrownLotto markets close approximately two hours before the official lottery draw is scheduled to be held. To avoid missing a lottery bet, you may choose to purchase more than one week upfront. Your lottery bet will automatically be placed each week for the number of weeks that you have selected.

Can I use my CrownBet Rewards Points to bet with CrownLotto?

Yes. CrownBet Rewards members can earn Points for each Lotto bet placed and also instantly pay for CrownLotto bets using your Rewards Points at the checkout.

Can I change or cancel a Lotto bet before the official draw takes place?

No. Lottery bets can’t be changed or cancelled by a CrownLotto customer once purchased.

How do I see past lottery results?

Visit the Lottery Results page to view the winning numbers for all past lotteries.

Can I bet on CrownLotto if i live in South Australia?

No, South Australian residents are not permitted to bet on the outcome of lotteries.

Winnings and Deposits –

How do I know if I have a winning CrownLotto bet?

Once a lottery has been drawn, CrownLotto will send a notification email. You can also check the results on the CrownLotto website.

When will I receive my payouts on winning bets?

All winnings up to $250,000 are paid out shortly after an official lottery draw has finished. Winnings over $250,000 are paid out into verified CrownBet customer bank accounts within 21 days of the draw.

Can I use CrownLotto winnings to place a bet on the normal CrownBet site?

Yes, all winnings from CrownLotto can be used to place bets on any Sports and Racing markets offered at CrownBet.

How can I deposit funds into my account?

You can deposit money to your account using your Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa), Bank Transfer or BPay.

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