Betting on Soccer

Soccer Betting Advice

No other sport in the world has more competitions, divisions, leagues, cups and titles. It’s for this reason that betting on soccer is simple at the best of times, and impossible at the worst.

Soccer is played by hundreds of millions of people in over 200 countries across the world, and any decent bookmaker is going to offer a wide variety of soccer betting markets and props.

Whether you’re new to soccer betting or a veteran, this post is here to give you some clarity on the different soccer betting types, soccer betting advice and ideas on how to create and manage a soccer betting bankroll.

Whatever you do… keep your composure, it’s a long season.

Popular Soccer Betting Markets

Most bookmakers offer a huge range of soccer markets, from player props, minute of goals, half time line props and more, but for now, we’ll focus on the most common.

Soccer Line Betting (Point Spread) 

A Soccer Line or ‘Point Spread’ is a common soccer market, and a little more value than a straight up H2H market, generally around $1.90 to $1.95.

The Line is given by the bookies, and is the expected goals margin that one team is expected to beat there opponent by. The bookies will try and hold around 50% of bets on either side of the Line.

The Line is given in the markets as an (-) or (+) symbol, with the favourite (-) given a handicap of goal/s that they must overcome for the punter to win.

Soccer Line bet odds range from $1.90-$1.95 for either side of the Line.

An example of a Soccer Line Bet –

Barcelona__ -1.0 ($1.91) |  Real Madrid__+1.0 ($1.92)

In this example, Barcelona are favourites, and must win the game by 2+ goals for a winning bet, and 1.0 goals for a ‘Push’ (money back from some bookmakers).

In the same example, Real Madrid must win the game outright, or draw the game for a winning bet. A loss of 1 goal will make it a Push (Money back from some bookmakers).

Win-Draw-Win Markets (WDW)

A Win-Draw-Win Market lets you Bet on a team to Win or Draw at the end of 90:00 Minutes (plus referee stoppages).

If you Bet on Newcastle to Win and the game is 0:0 at 90 Minutes (plus stoppages), your Bet will be a losing Bet, even if Liverpool scores at 120 Minutes.

Soccer ‘Draw No Bet ‘Markets

Another popular soccer bet is the draw no bet (DNB) market.

This means that if you bet on Leicester City and they win the game, you win your bet as usual. If Newcastle United win, then your bet on Leicester City is a loser. But if the result is a draw, then your stake is returned to you.

DNB is a particularly useful option if you want to bet on a team but have a little bit of protection.

As there are so many matches that end in a draw, the draw no bet option is a good choice if you want to slowly build up your betting bankroll.

Bascially, if you back a team to win in the DNB market and they lose, you get your stake back, or if it’s in your parlay/multi your bet is void.

Soccer Head to Head (Money Line) Betting

Head to Head or H2H soccer bets require punters to place a single bet on the team they think will win the game outright.

Soccer Head to Head bets are riskier than a Line Bet, as there’s no error for margin if you bet on the underdog. In the same way, if you bet on a favourite, you will be getting less returns on your stake.

An example of a Soccer Head to Head Line bet –

Barcelona__$1.54 |  Real Madrid__$2.34

Over Under (Total Goals Over Under)  

The Total Goals Over/Under has the punter place a stake on whether the total number of goals in the soccer game (sum of both team’s goals) will go over a number set by the handicappers.

An example of a Total Goals Over Under Bet –

Total Goals Under 3.5__($1.91) |  Total Goals Under 3.5__ ($1.92)

Soccer Player Props Betting

Soccer Props cover a huge range of possibilities. Examples include the first player or team to score a goal, the exact final score of the match and the time of the first goal of the match.

Soccer Futures Bets (Propositions)  

Soccer Futures bets are resulted at the end of the either the regular or post season. These include club and international futures.

Example of Soccer Futures bets include the winner of the World Cup, English Premier League Champions and A-League Grand Final winners.

Soccer Betting Advice

Before you start throwing your hard earned cash at soccer markets, consider the following soccer betting tips.

  • Player injuries  – The loss of a star players, or in particular a star goalkeeper or striker, can be the difference between a win or loss and can throw the odds around. Keep an eye on injury reports and you can find an edge.
  • Home and road performance – Most teams play better on their home pitch, but there are also soccer teams with solid records away. There is always value on the away team when two similarly matched teams play, with the team on the road having a strong road record.
  • Put down the beer when betting  – We all get up and about after some brews, however common sense and confidence aren’t always created equal. Place your soccer bets before you head to the bar, and you’ll make better judgement calls.
  • Study the season Schedule – Look for edges in the soccer season schedules. For example, a team playing a team known for being physical will be tired and sore if they’re forced to play games on a close schedule, which is common in soccer. Back the team with a few day’s rest.
  • Stay clear of paid tipsters – Tipsters offer to sell “winning picks” (lol), but many are only in business to take customers for a massive ride, that rarely if ever ends well. If these tipsters were as good as they say, there would be little need for them to spend hours a day paying 3rd party writers to upload their tips.
  • Only bet if you find an edge – Don’t bet on every soccer game you see. Only risk your bankroll when you feel that you have an edge over the market.
  • Become an expert on one or two leagues – With so many games played in different countries, leagues and divisions, and different times of the day, it’s best to become familiar with one or two leagues. Become an expert on one or two leagues, instead of a mug punter on several.
  • Shop for Odds – Join more than a few bookies and shop for the best markets when you’re having a bet. Should you find a bookmaker that offers superior odds compared to competitors, use them.
  • Stay away from Cup matches – Cup matches are betting poison, so avoid them whenever possible. Instead, stick with soccer matches from elite, professional leagues (A-League, EPl, La Liga etc) whose season’s have been running for 5+ weeks.
  • Bankroll Management – Before your selected league starts their season, set aside a fixed soccer betting bankroll. Don’t go outside of this bankroll, and never bet more than 3-5% of your bankroll on a single bet. Read below for more details on soccer bankroll management.

Soccer Bankroll Management

Soccer bankrolls are simple to explain and according to legend, impossible to stick to.

If you are unable to follow bankroll management, you’ll most likely end up a loser in the long run. A long term bankroll strategy is what wins in the end, and keeping your composure is key.

Never go outside of your bankroll plan if you lose, win or get plastered on a Friday night at the local TAB.

Don’t chase your losses, and never  increase the amounts of your units should you get hit on some winners.

The most popular soccer bankroll system is the “unit” or a “star” system, which we explain below.

What are unit and star systems in Soccer Betting Bankroll management?

The ‘Star’ or ‘Unit’ method is where bettors allocate confidence ratings for each bet.

Allocating ‘star’ or ‘unit’ amounts to a bet indicates the confidence you have in a bet. An easy way to do this is to have 3 different levels of confidence or ‘Units’.

  • i.e 1 star/1 unit, 2 stars/2 units, 3 stars/3 units. (More experienced soccer punters may go up to 4 and 5 star/units)

Each star or unit has a $ value attached to it, the amount of each depends on the total amount of your bankroll.

For example –

  • 1 star/1 unit ($10 bet), 2 stars/2 units ($20 bet), 3 stars/3 units ($30 bet).

No matter your confidence in a bet, you must not veer from betting within your set bankroll.

The accepted rule is to never bet over 2-5% of your bankroll on a single soccer bet.

Let’s say the EPL season begins and you set aside $1,000 as your bankroll.

Total Bankroll = $1,000

1% = $10.00 | 2% = $20.00 | 3% = $30.00

After the first three weeks, your Bankroll has increased to $1,150, which means it’s now time to adjust your bankroll –

Total Bankroll = $1,150

1% = $11.50 | 2% = $23.00 | 3% = $34.50

Should your EPL bankroll increase in amount, don’t get cocky, stay with your plan!

If you have a losing streak, you’ll also need to adjust your star or unit sizes to suit –

For example –

Total Bankroll $800

1% = $8.00 | 2% = $16.00 | 3% = $24.00

Follow your soccer bankroll through better or worse and you’ll have a more enjoyable, less stressful and hopefully more profitable soccer betting experience.

If you are new to betting on soccer, we would suggest ‘Flat Betting’.

What is Flat Betting in Soccer?

Flat Betting is placing identical unit amounts on every soccer bet, regardless of confidence level.

Flat Betting is ideal for those who are just starting soccer betting, and to those who don’t have time to put in the study needed to put into specific leagues.

Should your soccer betting experience grow, the star or unit system of a bankroll is the next level.

Never start a soccer bankroll with more than you can afford to lose, and don’t ever create a new bankroll plan in the middle of a season/plan (kind of defeats the purpose of a bankroll in the first place.)

Take this advice, and you’ll have a more fun and more profitable soccer betting experience!

Final thoughts on Soccer betting

Soccer betting is all about selecting a league or two that you enjoy following, and focusing your attention there.

Because there are so many leagues and competitions all over the world, it can be overwhelming to stay in touch with them all. Become an expert on a maximum of two leagues, start your bankroll and have fun.