NRL Futures Markets

NRL Futures Markets Betting

NRL Futures are markets that represent NRL player and team bets that are going to be resulted in… the future.

These include bets such as the Clive Churchill Medal, teams to make the Grand Final, team to be top of the ladder at the end of the regular season and lest wins.

Below are explanations of the NRL Futures Markets, how they are resulted and tips for betting on NRL Futures.

NRL Grand Final Futures / Outright Markets

NRL Premiership Futures run through the entire NRL season and Finals, listing out the odds for each team to win the NRL Grand Final on a weekly basis.

The NRL Premiership Futures reflect the form all sides in the competition, with last year’s best Finals teams generally favoured heavily in regards to current and expected form.

The NRL Futures Markets are list out all 16 NRL teams, with their odds.

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NRL Top Try Scorer Markets 

The Top Try Scorer is awarded to the player that scores the most tries in the NRL season, excluding Finals.

Top Try Scorer betting markets adjust following each game within an NRL Round. 

ie. If Player A scores 5 tries during a game on a Friday night, his odds as Top Try Scorer for the NRL season will drop, and odds for other players in the market will increase.

Sometimes betting agencies will “Pay Out” on the Top Try Scorer Market if they believe the leader will not be caught in the remaining matches of the season.

Tips – 

  • Follow the leaders from the previous seasons, and take into account their injuries, current team lists and factors that may cause them to score more/less tries.

Clive Churchill Medal Markets

The Clive Churchill Medal is awarded to the player judged as the best player in the NRL Grand Final.

Betting on the Clive Churchill Medal is generally something that is not done until the week of the NRL Grand Final, when the teams playing in the game are announced.

Tip –

  • Wait until the two teams have reached the Grand Final before making a bet, The bookmakers can put the markets up early, don’t take the bait.

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NRL Regular Season Winner – Top of the Ladder

Select the team which will end the season at the top of the NRL Ladder.

Tips – 

  • The value for this market is found earlier in the year around the Round 8-15 range, anything into the Round 20’s can lose value. It’s more fun to ride out a bet from earlier in the year anyway.
  • See which of the top teams have a better run on the NRL Fixture, some teams may have more home games and less travel than others.
  • Keep an eye on the off-season trades, if the big names move around, so will the markets.